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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 14, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PST

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sheer black gown with beaded spaghetti straps came in a close second, so i eel be hitting the red carpet in red. thanks for your help. >> deborah: and . a man gunned down inside san francisco coffee shop. tonight the owner tells us how the horror unfolded. saying fair well to the youngest victim of the arizona shooting. but first, police arrest three suspects in a home invasions in oakland, targeting asian and hispanics. tonight we speak with one victim who shares his story of survival. we have a map to show you the area the suspects covered. you can see the area here. the two dozen crimes all
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happened in oakland, east of lake merit, into state 80. and these are the suspects arrested by police. tonight they are in jail. being held on $5 million bail. kron 4's jonathan bloom talked to one of the victims who said he is revealed they are behind bars. >> reporter: the robbers managed to stay one step ahead of police for months but it came to an end here at this house when they crashed a birthday party that was too large for them to control. the door to his house was unlocked when they walked in. >> this is stick up, we just want money and we want money. everybody stays and gives us money. the two were convicted felons. they walked in on 18 people
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sitting down to dinner. >> long table. >> reporter: one robber wasted no time before taking a hostage. >> they put the gun to the babies. two babies that we have. we have in the house and demand money from us. i prayed for my sister, mom, nephew. they put the gun on his head and took his present. >> reporter: what was it? >> $100. >> reporter: in the middle of all the chaos -- >> too many people. they couldn't manage us. and one of my sister able to dial 911. when the guy was here, he heard it and ran into this ram. >> reporter: police caught up with one robber. both are now charged in two
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dozen home invasions dating back to march of last year. >> this is the 25th robbery and most of the other victims were also asian. as for the people arrested, two of them have prior felony convictions. if they are convicted they could 53-500 years in prison. an emotional day in arizona today as the first victim was laid to arrest. thousands of people attended services for 9-year-old christina-taylor green. kron 4's kathleen heenan laz details and the update on gabrielle giffords' condition. >> reporter: christina-taylor green was born september 11,
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2001. the daughter of a dodger scout, the granddaughter of dallas green. she wanted to be the first female to play in the major leagues. she was mourned by thousands of people. >> for them to extend that courtesy to our daughter, another one of those things that will help for us. we feel like the country won't forget her. >> reporter: thousands cried for the funeral procession. some dressed as angels. ron barber attended the service. absent were protesters who had threatened to picket the service. the group says it will bring its message to friday's funeral for john roll. a few miles away, jared lee loughner is being held at a
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federal prison. a u.s. marshal says he is refusing to talk. david gonzalez says he just sits in a cell with a shark on his face. a teenager found a black bag filled with ammunition. the fbi is examining it. his father said he left home with a black bag last week. at the hospital where gabrielle giffords is being treated the news continues to be encouraging. this picture shows her husband holding her hand. even her doctors were amazed when she suddenly opened her eyes. >> the doctor, one of the doctors says this is incredible
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practice and he is pounding something -- [ talking at the same time ] >> reporter: kron 4 news. another vigil held in the bay area for the victims of the arizona shooting. this was the scene tonight in san jose. the party held this vigil. some of the speakers. yesterday a similar vigil was held in oakland. stay with kron 4 news and as we continue to conch the arizona shooting. a live look outside from the golden gate bridge. visibility is reduced. you can barely see that car. visibility is reducered in a number of places this evening. a mile in san francisco. a mile in napa. 1.5 in a number of places. expect this visibility to only
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get worse. fog will be widespread tomorrow. patchy, dense fog in the inland valley and in the north bay. by noon lingering fog. 3:00, mostly sunny skies warmer temperatures. we will look at the temperatures coming up in a bit. a deadly shooting inside a busy san francisco cafa. a man gunned down in front of customers and employees, tonight, what the
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. san francisco investigators are looking for a man who shot and killed another man inside coffee shop. it happened near polk and gary
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streets. kron 4's reggie kumar has that story. >> reporter: investigators searched the shop for clues and a motive thursday night after police say a suspect armed with a gun ran inside this business and shot a man several times before running away. the owner didn't want his face shown, he says he wasn't there when the shooting happened. >> i came in and was told two guys came in from the outside and they went to the back of the coffee shop and one guy shot the other guy. we don't know the people. >> reporter: after the shooting employees and customers ran from the coffee shop. investigators haven't released much information or if the victim and the suspect knew each other. they did say the victim was 25 years old and was the intended target. whatever the cap rus captured may help investigators figure out who the killer is. reggie kumar, kron 4 news. rain today, but fog
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around the bay, seven students in san francisco were taken to hospitals today after eating rat poison. the children attend martin luther king jr. academic middle school. they mistook the poison for candy. it was hitting on top a file cabinet. emergency crews arrived after one student called a parent. the children were taken to the hospital as aprications. it's not clear where the teacher was. blow to jobs in san francisco, twitter could be heading south. currently it is in san francisco. the company has 350 employees and projecting the staff will grow larger than the capacity of the building. rumors are spreading the
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company is looking at different locations, including the walmart building. eight miles from the current location. san francisco officials have been in discussions to keep it in the city. the ground keeps moving. south of san jose. two more earthquakes hit last night. a 3.7 hit before 8:00, it was fallowed by a 3.9 earthquake a few minutes later. kron 4's rob fladeboe reports on what scientists are saying. >> this is a creeping section. >> reporter: david says the section of the fault where the earthquakes are occurring is relieving stress one small earthquake at a time. >> then within that creep
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matrix low friction material, it's continually moving. you have small patches that have lie protection. everything around them creep. >> reporter: last night's tremblers are of thirty aftershocks. all the activity here is likely not a precursor of a larger earthquake time soon. >> creepage is your friend if you live down there. there aren't large pieces of the fault tuck accumulating strain. bad news is, you have lots of small earthquakes. >> reporter: rob fladeboe, kron 4 news. >> wild weather still battering the east coast, roads are covered with snow and ice in
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atlanta. a foot and a half of snow in rhode island. many businesses, offices and schools had to close and two feet of snow in connecticut. people staid inside. some areas got 2-3-inches of snow an hour. there is a $2,500 reward to find who shot this sea lion. it was discovered last month, shot in the face. it is now blind and will not be able to return to the wild. the department of agricultural wants school lunches to have more fruits and vegetables. 25million children are overweight or obese. officials believe serving healthier food at school will help children stay in better shape. dreary and wet day today. we are in the clear, at least from the rain.
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we will be seeing fog overnight. rainfall totals from today. quarter of an inch in petaluma and the north bay saw the most rain and it gets less and less the more south you go. visibility is already reduced as fog is settling in with all the moisture on the ground. fog is widespread overnight. under a mile visibility at sfo. 1.5 in oakland. if you have flights out in the morning, check before you leave for the airport. widespread fog spected. reduced viability throughout the bay area. give yourself extra time for the commute. the fog sticks with us. 10:00 overthe bay shores. along the coast line. the sea breeze components to
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the winds tomorrow and so lingering fog close to the coast. seven day forecast, fog tomorrow morning and again on saturday morning. we will see temperatures bump up into the 60s tomorrow and stay there on saturday but tip dip on sunday. off chance of sprinkles but mostly increasing clouds. rebounding into next week with temperatures in the low 60s. if the 49ers want cam newton they can probably have details
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. >> all right. good evening, everybody. one of the bay area's longest basketball rivalries taking
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place tonight. usf and st. marries. the best player, 19 tonight. as you see him work his thing. they kept it close. first half blackwell and st. mary's lead, 5-9 points, 10 points. but then talent prevails. mcconal can shoot like a nba guy. 7-10. 71-57 st. marries. santa clara beat san diego. stanford upset washington. cal is a winner or washington state. been a while since the sharks been in trouble. they come in having lost five in a row. forcing todd to drink. ryan taking out the losing streak on an opponent.
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1-0 edmonton. 2-0 oilers. from there it's the same story. is this -- he says you approach 50 games you find out what type of team you have. maybe they are not going to turn it around. >> there is a lot of hockey to play. >> pam is e-mailing a friend in michigan. how are the wings? do you have to e-mail? >> you don't know what i am doing and it's none of your business. >> the guys tonight, singers, they will be at -- pam -- [ talking at the same time ] you look like you are tall. anyway. that's my insecurity. i hate to look like a short man on news, especially when you talk loud. >> all right. stanford didn't have to go too
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far for their coach, shaw. david shaw is the man. 38 years of age. very popular hire. long time nfl assistant coach. his son played at stanford. ran the offense. 20 recruits coming in this week for a visit and they get to meet the new coach, dave shaw. >> i can't put a number on what i expected it to be. it was phenomenal. it's what -- since the day i started coaching. this is the job i always knew i wanted. and it's -- today is the day. >> good luck to him. heisman trophy winner cam newton made it official today. >> i think it's best that i, you know, make the step and enter the nfl draft.
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>> andrew luck won't be in the draft so maybe he felt he had a better chance. he says he is the 27th overall choice. we will see what happens with cam newton. he says pay me. john elway said john fox, i am not fooled by the record in cerelina, come and coach the browningoes. -- broncos. good for john fox. he used to be a coach for the raiders and mike chosen pat shurmur to be the coach of the browns. he was an assistant coach in st. louis. those jobs, it's like being a u.s. senator, a head coach in the nfl. there it is. >> very clubby. >> yeah. if i thought someone was looking, i would stand up but i am too tired. when he said i thought you were
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a short guy, hurt my feelings. >> you could
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